About Us

Sprayers Plus™ has an established presence in the industry coupled with over 30 years of manufacturing experience.  Best in quality sprayer manufacturing, premium power equipment expertise and a new state of the art product engineering and manufacturing facility has fueled the growth at Sprayers Plus™. Our team of industry experts developed a strategic plan based on a thorough evaluation of competitive products available with the focus of improving quality and accessibility.

With a clear understanding of the market needs, our team redefines exceptional quality and user experience. To us, the definition of exceptional quality goes beyond marketing or distribution channels. Quality means being well-designed, functional, durable, authentic and reasonably priced – we would like to make sure that every dollar spent by our customers are reflected in the product quality and user experience.

With these principles and values in mind, our team has developed over 30 high quality products, covering a broad spectrum of applications for the professional landscape, agricultural, industrial and construction markets as well as recreational home users.

In the years since the first Sprayers Plus™ sprayer was delivered to end users, the brand has become a strong market leader in the sprayer industry known for renowned product excellence and customer experience. With our definition of exceptional quality, our company will continue to improve, innovate and expand our products to add value and succeed with our working partners and customers.

Our Vision and Mission

To develop and manufacture products of renowned quality with attention to every detail to enable the best customer experience. Our goal is to become the market leader in home and commercial power sprayers through our innovation, integrity, continuous improvement and genuine care for our customers.