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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept? »

We do accept PayPal and Visa/Master credit card for online purchases. If you would like to visit a store, you can contact the closest distributor or dealer in your area to check the availability of the model. Please go to “ Distributors” and “Where to Buy” tab for more information.

My sprayer’s pressure doesn’t hold when pulling the trigger. »

It could be due to one or more than one filters being clogged. Please remove all the filters and spray with water. If the pressure holds, that means the filter(s) is clogged. Simply rinse them with clean water and retry again.

Can your sprayer spray wettable powder? »

Yes. However, please be sure to look for the right sprayer. Kindly select the models with agitation function. Jet agitation is designed to circulate sediment and works with wettable powder.

I have just received my 105E Battery Sprayer but the motor keeps running without generating enough pressure to spray. »

At a normal circumstance, the motor and bump will start to generate pressure when switching to “On”. Once it has generated enough pressure without pulling the trigger, the motor will be temporarily shut off at a standby mode. This is noticeable when the motor stopped without making sound. However, it is normal to experience delay for the first time use after switching on the sprayer. This is due to the diaphragm pump got completely dried out during the long haul shipping and additional time sitting in the inventory.

To solve the problem, kindly remove the L shape screen filter in the bottom of the tank. Simply fill up half of the tank with water, turn on the sprayer and let it sit until the motor sound stops and pressure is generated (the process could be 30 seconds to few mins).
The vibration will stimulate the motion of the valve element. Once it is restored, everything will be back to normal and the start up time should be instant for the next time use.
To expedite the progress, place the sprayer on a solid foundation. Wobble back and forth until the motor sound is stopped. The water pressure generates from the wobble will help stimulating the pump.

How long will it take to ship out my order? »

All orders are processed within 2-3 business days. Once it is shipped, we will follow up with a tracking number. If you are experiencing a significant delay of your order, please contact us at

Do i have to empty out the tank after every use? »

This is highly recommended. If the sprayer is being used often on a daily basis, we suggest to empty the tank every time after using to ensure the pump and components are not soaked in any solution or chemical to prevent destruction of material from corrosion. If the sprayer will not be used for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended to fill up with a full tank of clean water and spray until empty.

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