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Frequently Asked Questions

My battery sprayer cannot spray. The motor pump is rumbling, but the sprayer does not prime. »

Some may encounter a startup problem of the battery sprayer's pump that it could take a longer time than usual to start it up on the first time of use/ after long-time storage (or without proper cleaning from the previous use). And once it primes, the startup time will be instant for the next time of use. This is a normal situation, and there is nothing wrong with the sprayer.

If this is the problem, please learn more at The below instruction applies to all battery sprayers.
Video 1 - 105E Pump Startup Solution
Video 2 - Orange Plug & Screen Filter Tutorial

Alternatively, you may also stick a water hose on the water inlet to let water streams into the diaphragm pump. The water pressure will help unstick a dried diaphragm pump module.

If the first attempt does not show a useful result, please be patient and repeat the mentioned step another 2- 3 times.

What payment methods do you accept? »

We do accept PayPal and Visa/Master credit card for online purchases. If you would like to visit a store, you can contact the closest distributor or dealer in your area to check the availability of the model. Please go to “ Distributors” and “Where to Buy” tab for more information.

My sprayer’s pressure doesn’t hold when pulling the trigger. »

A common reason why the pump can’t hold up the pressure is that one or more than one area is clogged.

There are two filters built inside the sprayer. One locates at the bottom inside the sprayer with an L shape. The other one finds in the spray gun handle.
Please remove both filters and rinse them with clean water then retry again.

Can your sprayer spray wettable powder? »

Yes. However, please be sure to look for the right sprayer. Kindly select the models with agitation function. Jet agitation is designed to circulate sediment and works with wettable powder.

My YT25E motor pump continues to run even I am not spraying. »

The 25E series’ pump is designed to motoring continuously, and this is normal. The liquid will circulate through the pump and back to the tank. With a single charge of the battery, the sprayer can spray between 15- 18 tanks of 2 gallons.

How long will it take to ship out my order? »

All orders are processed within 3-5 business days. Once it is shipped, we will follow up with a tracking number. If you are experiencing a significant delay of your order, please contact us at

The LED indicator on the charging dock is flashing slowly while the battery is charging. »

When the charger is connected to a power cable without the battery, the LED indicator will flash slowly on standby mode.

When the charger is connected with a power cable and the battery is inserted, there will be a solid red light to indicate it is charging. Please contact technical support if your charger is not functioning as mentioned.

Do i have to empty out the tank after every use? »

Using the sprayer as a container for chemicals is not recommended. Leaving the chemical overnight in the tank may slowly damage the components and shorten its service life. It is always recommended to empty and clean the sprayer entirely upon completion of every task.

My sprayer is leaking at the base. »

Firstly, you may try to unscrew the 12 screws on the bottom surface and inside the sprayer base for a quick lookup. Sometimes the leakage could be caused by a loose hose clamp.

If the above application does not fix the issue, please contact technical support.

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