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GIE Expo 2016

2016 is another exciting year for Sprayers Plus to be back to the GIE+ EXPO. We are proud to exhibit our sprayers family as well as to launch two new products, FH25E & BL25E in the E-power division.

“Trust to love the process, and the results will come.”
Our crew has done an amazing job to set up the booth from scratch. We are definitely the most eye catching sprayer section within the aisle. We really enjoy connecting with our business partners and clients in person and sharing with them our goals and vision behind the products.

Are you still pumping? The two new E-Power products will give you another reason to switch from the traditional sprayers to the lithium technology and offer a solution to work effortlessly.

We have also made significant improvement to 105E, a pioneer and spiritual leader of the E-Power line. Sprayers Plus values our customers’ feedback and will never stop improving every detail until we achieve the highest customer’s satisfaction.
We came back stronger, and will continue to come back stronger every year.

We were very excited to be invited to a Youtuber Pizza gathering. We have met lots of Youtubers and channel subscribers with valuable feedbacks. To show our appreciation, we decided to give away two of our commercial grade sprayers. Congratulation to our winners!

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GIE Expo 2016
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GIE Expo 2016
Thank you for reviewing 105E!
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